Rekordmånga båtar seglade Oktoberpokalen på Baggen nu i helgen, Starbåtar, J70, Expresser, Drakar

Bier, sauerkraut, bratwurst och mingel på lördagens aftersail hos Sune Carlsson Båtvarv!

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Läs Danny Cayard’s krönika om helgens seglingar!

We had two days of cold and wind for the last regatta of the season here in the North. We had winds in between 15-20 with some gusts getting into the upper 20’s. This made for some challenging racing and made sure that everyone was on their toes to look out for some large gusts and the shifts on beautiful Baggensfjärden.

Max Salminen and Johan Tillander bested everyone to take the win with 5 wins out of 6 races. Henrik Järhov sailing with Bent Pedersen took second and the podium was completed with Jesper Stålheim and Henrik Glimstedt crewing. Max and Johan will take this event as a good reference and some more training I am sure the represent the 10th district well in the Bahamas on December for the SSL Finals. Good luck!

As always I would like to say how great the hospitality at Sune Carlsson’s Båtvarv is and every event is always one to look forward to! Thank you to the entire Carlsson family for continuing to host the great Star events. This time we were fortunate enough to enjoy some beer and sausages in the spirit of Oktoberfest.

International Swedish Championship for Starboats became a real success this weekend!

Johan Qviberg and Michael Nettelbladt sailed the Star for the first time and won!! Tom Löfstedt and Joost Houweling came second and Carl Schröder and Henrik Glimstedt came third.

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And please read Danny Cayard’s summary below:

This year the 2018 Swedish Championships were held on Baggensfjärden just outside of Sune Carlsson’s Båtvarv in Saltsjöbaden.

Once again Leif Carlsson, Lars Nordling and the rest of the organizers put on a fantastic event all the way around. From the racing to the social events after the sailing, everything was top notch and all of us competitors had a great time.

We started things off with a clinic hosted by Frithjof Kleen. About 15 boats participated and learned a lot from the veteran crew. When it came time to race, we had eight races over the three day event in varying conditions. With 28 boats registered, there was some great competition.

The first day saw races being completed in winds ranging from 8-12 knows of wind. There were a few shifts meaning a few gains and losses could be had. Johan Qviberg with Michael Nettelbladt faired the best winning the first race and finishing the day with 10 points.

Day two saw some cloudy weather cover the race course the entire day. We had slightly lighter wins in the morning with the breeze building as the day went on. Johan and Michael picked up where they left off and went out to win the first race again and finish the day with two more top five results. The competition was tight between the top 5 and things were set up for a fantastic final day.

Going into the last day the question was if Johan and Michael could hold onto their lead over Tom Löfstedt and if anyone else could challenge for the podium positions.

After a still morning and little wind, the race course filled with breeze. Johan and Michael ended up finishing their regatta after posting a 6 in the first race while Tom didn’t fair as well and ended up in 15th. This would be Tom’s drop and secured the win for Johan and Michael. The last race would decide the rest of the podium places with second and third up for grabs. In the end Tom and his crew Joost Houweling finished up in second, while Carl Schröder and Henrik Glimstedt got third place.

The 2018 Swedish Championships were a hotly contested event and a great team took home the win. Congratulations to all competitors and especially those on the podium. A huge thank you to the organizing officials for hosting such a great event, we all are looking forward to the Oktoberpokalen September 29-30th. It would be fantastic to see as many or more teams on the line at the end of the month!

BLACK CAT and the Swedish fleets GP 1

Last weekend we sailed the Black Cat and the Swedish fleets GP 1.

Hosted by Varbergs Segelsällskap.

Varbergs Segelsällskap together with Kattegat Star Fleet arranged

this weekend at an absolut top level.

Saturday almost lack of wind but at last one race was completed.

Stefan Myrälf with Magnus Myrälf won.

Sunday better wind from south about 4-6 m/s and three races were completed.

SWE 8108 with Erik Dahlén and David Nogén won the Black Cat  with

Den 7647 Stefan Myrälf and Magnus Myrälf as second.

Den 8428 Frank Berg with Peter Orsted came third.

Full results will can be found at


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